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"Here I am, where the blue of the sea is limitless."
Taneda Santoka


Our program is centered around the “3H” concept: Head, Heart and Hands… Open up our minds to the world, connect with our emotions — get in motion.

Hiflow invites you to meet with inspiring personnalities or to attend hybrid exhibitions, workshops and trainings.

Everyday, in a welcoming green environment, Hiflow helps you stay healthy with yoga classes, massages sessions or healthy cuisine. Hiflow also feeds your mind with a great selection of books, magazines and podcasts.

Our living spaces

The lobby

Hiflow’s entrance is a hybrid space, easy to work and live in. It is also used as a forum and a screening room.

The “café”

The Café is open non-stop everyday, serving unlimited coffee, tea and fruits. Service of high quality organic dishes and sustainable goods is available from Monday to Friday, 12pm to 3pm. You can also sign up for cooking classes.

Re/Creation Room

A 25m2 lounge for casual meetings or relaxing breaks (video games, screenings)

The cocoon

An immersive and resting space for your naps and wellness treatments (massage etc. provided by health therapists upon appointments).

The library

Food for thoughts, Hiflow hand-picks and regularly renews a great selection of books, magazines, digital publishings and podcasts.